Finding my way back to photography

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When I was a late teenager .  had a profound insterest for photography. I had  already a 3D modeling/animation background  and tinkered in drawing , yet it seems that I missed something, a final touch that would help me make things look good. Uncounsciously I had th hope sthat photography would help figure it out .

Unfortunately  being at the time a broke student , photography wasn't a hobby I could afford to venture in. I yet was determined to find a way . Through different gigs and stint as an amateur model and dancer I found my way around sets ,studio and stages. With great attention witnessed first hand professional and amateur alike making the magic happen.

Ten years had passed and life took me on a very different path. I am now a single father of a little boy with very little time on his hands. So little time but  arenewed craving for creativity and problem solving. I was determined again to do something that would make me happy.

Through broad but converging interest (namely Martial Arts and Computer Vision), I found my way back to studying camera , optical models and practical video editing and manipulation. It was now the time to bring consodilation to my hobbies and to demonstrate the resolution to become decently skilled at it.

This blog aims to be a testimony and a notebook of my attempt at consolidatiing my visual arts skills. Mainly centered  around videography and photography , I hope that it might help people to learn about my failure and hopefully success and some of the equipment I will be using . 

"If time is a thread slipping through our hand,let our will be the loom connecting our past, present and future so we may rest sure on the fabric of our reality."

Loom Photography

Credit :Wikimedia Commons

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