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After I received my first smartphone lens , I was convinced that I should dig deeper. 
 All the search engine and advertisement recommendation seemed to yell at me what seemed like a universal truth. 
  "Anamorphic lenses will make your shot more cinematic " .
Will they? Well I was willing to find out. I ordered one of the most popular one and decided to try for myself. I had a vague idea of what to expect but not a real grasp on how it was done. Something about stretching or compressing the image. So when I first installed on my cellphone and open my camera., I was quite puzzled. The format was still the same 4:3 and the image was weird. There no cinematic effect at all. Before I let the disappointment and sorrow get the better of me I decided that I would try one more thing. I remember reading or viewing something about a specific application that would actually be able to make good use of this hardware.
I decided to install Filmic Pro:
, after all it was recommended on the box of the adapter. Also it was a recurring name in all the discussion and review i seems to have seen . However before I pass through another paywall, I would need to learn more about what it was and how I am suppose to use it.
So basically Filmic pro is a third party video camera app with improved feature controls and superior analytics. You can fine tune everything such as color balance , focus, frame rate , etc ...
It seats on top of the manufacturer driver . Therefore it doesn't add to  your physical camera , it just exploit it's true power.
Fortunately on android there is a checker app that will tell you what functionalities are featured on your phone so you can gauge wether or not it works for you.
After viewing a few tutorials , I then downloaded the app and activated the hardware anamorphic settings. I was happily released to see it just work.
The horizontal bar resized the frame to 2:40:1 .
The IA set white balance to a way more suitable balance.
My viewfinder looked instantly more cinematic !
more info on Filmic Pro check:
Check out the result on Youtube :
Credit Photo: Stephen Artsy . The land of the giant slides 

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